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Can I have an Organization account and also be a giver?

Of course! If you’re logged into your Organization account, just go to Settings, scroll down, and tap Set Up a Personal Donor Account. Once you do that, you’ll be able to switch between your Organization account and your Giver account from the Settings.

If I deactivate my account, will my Organization also be deactivated?

If you are the only administrator of your Organization’s YourChange™ account, deactivating your account will deactivate your Organization. To prevent your Organization from being unintentionally deactivated, YourChange™ will prompt you, allowing you to delegate a different administrator.

If I deactivate my Organization, can I still use YourChange™ as a Giver?

Since you will be using a separate email to be a Giver, it will not affect your Giver account.

Can I use a different bank account for my Organization and for my personal Giver account?


How can my Organization collect donations on YourChange™?

Through instant donations which are one-time donations and round-ups.

How often is money sent from my bank account to the Organization?

We will transfer your donation to the organization once you have accumulated five dollars or more in change.

Why do you wait until we accumulate $5 or more in change before transferring it to the organization?

We are on mission with your mission! Our goal is to ensure your selected non-profit receives the most change possible. YourChange utilizes many different technologies and payment processing platforms to accurately function and ensure the highest level of security for both giver and nonprofit organization. Each one of those technologies has a cost. Some are flat fees per transaction/transfer and some are based on a percentage (like your Credit Card/Debit Card company that charges roughly 3%) so the sweet spot for YourChange to be transferred to the Organization is when you have surpassed $5.

How many Organizations can I contribute to?

You can send as many instant donations as you like to any Organization. You can only be connected to one Organization at a time for round-ups.

I can’t find the Organization I am a part of on YourChange™. What should I do?

Submit the Organization referral form in the application. Once approved, you’ll receive an email or notification.

If I'm a Giver on YourChange™, can I add my Organization using the same login?

No, you need to use a different login.

Is Plaid secure to use?

Plaid is certified in internationally-recognized security standards, like ISO 27001, ISO 27701, and is SSAE18 SOC 2 compliant. Plaid is used by millions of people to safely connect their financial accounts to the apps and services they love and trust. Plaid never shares your data without your permission, and they don’t sell or rent your financial information to outside companies.

What do I do with the tax receipts?

Keep your tax receipts. Use them for a tax deduction.

If I deactivate my Giver account, will my Organization also be removed from YourChange™?

No, your organization will still be available on YourChange™.

Do I need to be connected to an Organization on YourChange™?

Yes, you need to be connected to an organization in order to use the app.

Can the Organization I am giving to see my individual card/bank transactions?

No, the technologies/platforms YourChange utilizes to function are segregated/different for Givers and Organizations. Although they do "talk to each other" they do not relay your individual transaction information to the Organization. The Organization's dashboard will only show your contributions.